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Microcide SQ® Surface Disinfectant




Microcide SQ® is a one-step, 2 ounce per gallon concentrate that will make 4 gallons of disinfectant.  It is a broad spectrum hospital grade disinfectant, deodorizer, residual laundry additive and high potency hard surface disinfectant with EPA approved efficacy claims for over 130 organisms. It is also EPA approved for use as a food and non-food contact sanitizer. Microcide SQ® is approved as carpet sanitizer against odor producing bacteria and also as a laundry additive with residual activity. Microcide SQ® helps meet all OSHA and Federal regulations for bloodborne pathogens and will kill the HIV (AIDS), HBV (Hepatitis B) and HCV (Hepatitis C) viruses with the appropriate contact time. Microcide SQ® is active in the presence of 5% serum and 400 PPM hard water.

Microcide SQ® is stipulated by many manufacturers of analyzers, hoods, incubators, centrifuges as well as other equipment to maintain its warranty status or recommended as a safe, non-corrosive disinfectant to protect the internal parts of the instrument.


  • EPA Registered
  • Concentrated for Economical Use
  • High Potency
  • Meets OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Requirements
  • Approved By EPA For Food and Non-Food Contact Surfaces
  • Removes Biofilms
  • Safe For Use In Ultrasonic Cleaning Units
  • Approved for Laundry Sanitizing
  • Kills HIV-1, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and Drug Resistant Bacterial Strains


  • Makes 4 gallons of solution
  • Reduces Cross Contamination Risk
  • Improves Sanitation
  • Cost Effective Concentrate Formula
  • Cleans and Disinfects in One Step
  • Easy Measure Bottle Reduces Waste and Ensures Proper Concentration
  • Deodorizes As It Disinfects
  • Safe on your skin

Areas of Use:
Operating Rooms  ||  Central Supply  ||  Patient Care Rooms  ||  Housekeeping  ||  Recovery Rooms  ||  Nursing Homes  ||  Anesthesia Equipment  ||  Doctors Offices and Labs  ||  Emergency Rooms  ||  Dentists Offices and Labs  ||  Radiology  ||  Schools  ||  X-Ray/CAT Labs  ||  Food Processing Plants  ||  Newborn Nurseries  ||  Salons  ||  Orthopedics  ||  Dairies  ||  Respiratory Therapy  ||  Restaurants and Bars  ||  Surgi-centers  ||  Sickrooms  ||  Medical Laboratories  ||  Restrooms  ||  Industrial Settings  ||  Walls  ||  Floors  ||  Sink tops and Counters  ||  Toilet Bowls and Seats  ||  Tables and Chairs  ||  Telephones  ||  Door Knobs  ||  Public Changing Tables  ||  Telephones  || Bathtubs  ||  Urinals

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